Ash class - Year 1

Ash class - Year 1

Welcome back to Term 2!

We hope you had a lovely half term and feel refreshed for the new term! We have an exciting and fun filled term ahead!

This term our topic is ‘Celebrations and festivals’. Our text for the term is called ‘The runaway wok!’ The story is about a family in Beijing who are celebrating Chinese New Year. The parents ask their little boy to go to the market to buy some rice, however, he is offered a wok by an old man in exchange for his eggs. The old man tells the little boy it is a very special wok and soon discovers that the wok sings and runs away to lots of families to share the food that the wok can cook.

As part of our topic we will be learning about history of the celebrations and festivals that happen around the world. We will look at Chinese New Year, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day and Christmas. We will also be looking at significant events that are beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally.  As part of our history the children will look at the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. We will look at how many festivals and celebrations around the world have a connection with light so we will look at individuals who have had impacted the source of light. For example, who created the first firework as well as Thomas Edison who is famous for inventing the light bulb. Towards the end of term we will look at Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who brought the tradition of the Christmas tree. For more information on our topic please click here.

As part of English we will be looking at ‘The runaway wok’, children will read it, answers questions about it, act it out, respond to the text with letters and diary entries and imagine to be characters through drama techniques like ‘hot seating’. Children will be writing their own version of ‘The runaway wok’ and innovating the text so that they use their knowledge of other festivals to create a different focus. For example, ‘The runaway firework’. Within their writing children will focus on using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and using conjunctions such as ‘and’ to join their ideas. Within the book there is fantastic description and use of –ly adverbs such as ‘happily’ ‘quietly’ ‘loudly’ so children will be starting to use these in their response writing and story writing.

In Maths, we will begin the term by looking at number bonds to 10. After an elicitation last term, it was found that children need work on these to ensure their understanding and recall of number bonds are secure. This will enable them later in Year 1 when needing to do further calculations such as bridging ten. Children will be representing these number bonds using multi-link cubes and numicon. We will then move on to addition and subtraction facts up to 20. This will involve partitioning numbers up to 20 to see how they can be made. If you have a chance to practise the 2x and 10x table at home with your child this would be great for their learning in school.

If you have any questions about our learning, please don’t hesitate to come and ask or if you are interested in volunteering in class, please come and see me after school.

Miss King

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