Sycamore - year 5

Sycamore - year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Sycamore Class have been very busy over the first two terms. After learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings during these terms, we are now learning about Space. Take a look at our topic web here. T3 Topic Web

Along with Holly Class, we had a wonderful start to our topic as we visited We Our the Curious (formerly @ Bristol) and had a great workshop about how to train to be an astronaut, including the best material to make a space nappy from and using robotic arms to pick up building bricks. Whilst we were there, we also visited the Planetarium and watched a fantastic 3D show about space - it made it seem as though we had landed on several of the planets!

We are entering a poetry competition that is related to space - take a look at some of our brilliant entries below.

My Planet by Isaac Chalice

On my planet,

It is cold,

It is always covered

In a slimy grey mould.

Gas covers the


The planet is shaped

Like a Sphere.

It’s big and round,

And has not one sound.

It’s grey at day

And bright at night.

I am sure that

It smells like manure.

It is great and

As hard as slate.

It has craters that

Are green,

They are rarely seen.

There are plants as

Bright as red parrots,

And there are

Some weird purple carrots.

It has got trees

As green as peas,

And leeks that

Can actually see.

The clouds are

Green and

That’s why

They’re seen.

It has lakes of brown,

And lakes

As gold as


This planet has

Many moons,

Which come round

Very soon.

The moons have

Not one sound.

They also have gas

Of very light brown.

They have craters

Which are bright,

Which makes them

A brilliant sight.


Hi There by Adil Shakeel

Part 1

Hi there, big red Mars,

Why are you so hot?

Do you like staring at stars?

Do you have any robots?

Hi there, big blue Neptune.

Why are you so blue?

Do you like piano tunes?

Are you bigger than a giant’s shoe?

Hi there, big white Moon,

Is the Milkyway as big as a giant’s shoe lace?

Have you ever seen a baboon?

Can you see the planets all move at the same pace?

Hi there, big yellow Sun.

Are you really big?

Are you really fun?

Do you even like figs?

Part 2

Hi there, big stripy Jupiter,

You look like the Sun,

You sound like Jupiter,

Are you even fun?

Hi there, super Saturn,

Why are your giant rings so big?

What caused you to create your rings?

What do you hide in them?

Hi there, big bright Earth,

Have you ever seen anyone bring birth?

Is it true that everyone lives on you?

What else do people do?


My Planet by Emilia Ramuz-Khunrat

Spinning around like a roller coaster,

Stars twinkling constantly,

The Sun boiling and burning,

Twisting and turning,

All on my planet.

Saturn’s great big ring,

Like the Planet’s King.

Pluto’s quite small,

The weather is quiet cool.

All of this, I can see from my planet.


My Planet by Horaja Jum

If I had my own planet,

I’d make it twirl

Like a fairground ride, with a twisty turn.

Each planet follows a familiar path around the Sun,

Twirling and Twirling,

And that can’t be undone.

The Sun is boiling hot

As though it is being fried in a

Smelting, scorching pot.

Venus, Mercury, Mars and other planets are

All in the amazing galaxy.

On my planet,

The stars are bright

And they are a beautiful sight.


We have had a great term 1 with some great learning. Find out more about term 2.

Our topic started with an Anglo-Saxon day, that has been a highlight already with us learning more about the Sutton Hoo Burial and some of the items that were found there, as well as handling some replica artefacts and creating our own Sutton Hoo helmets.  We have had some incredible homework sent into school as part of this topic- including work about Anglo-Saxon place names, Sutton Hoo helmets and a Powtoon animation. Keep it up, we love sharing your learning in class.

Below are some examples of the helmets, shields and brooches that we have made in school.


Our topic this term is continuing to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons and their relationship with the Vikings. Take a look at the Topic Web Term 2 here.


We have had an interesting trip to the local Mosque where we found out more about the Islamic religion and the features of a Mosque. Thank you to all the adults who helped us on this trip.




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