Sycamore - year 5

Sycamore - year 5

Welcome to Term 3

We have had a wonderful start to Year 5 and Terms 1 &2 have been a great success with us learning lots about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and sharing our museum based on this. In addition to this, we had a great workshop with artefacts from this time period and enjoyed a trip to the local Mosque, as well as some fab forest school sessions.  I know that the following terms will be just as brilliant.  Tjis time, we are learning more about space - especially the Earth, Sun and Moon and the relationship between them.  Our book that we will be reading in English links to our space them and has been written by Stephen Hawking and his daughter, Lucy, it is called George's Secret Key to the Universe.  Furthermore, we are all looking forward to our We The Curious Trip where we will go in the Planterium  and watch an exciting 3D space show as well as taking part in a space workshop.

In addition to this, we have already started writing our ow space poetry to enter into a competition - keep watching here as we will add some of our favourites!  Take a look at our topic web here and please remember that if you're able to help us by coming in to hear readers, to share your exoertise in art/music, etc or to come and support us with anything else, we would love to have you. Year_5_Term_3_Topic_Web.doc

Terms 1 & 2

In Term 1 and 2 our topic is all about the Anglo Saxons. This term, we will continue to develop our knowledge about the Anglo-Saxons and learn about their relationship with the Vikings, who were also invaders to Britain.  Children will research the Vikings and how similar/different they were to the Saxons.  After this, children will write a discussion text, giving a balanced argument about whether it would have been better to have been an Anglo-Saxon or a Viking, justifying their reasons.  There will be links made to DT and children will be making their own Viking longships.  As the finale to our topic, we will be creating our own museum to show our findings about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  Invitations will come home soon!


In English this term we will continue reading our book from last term – Anglo-Saxon Boy - and using it as inspiration for our writing and a firm basis for developing comprehension through discussion of the text. The children will create ‘Wanted!’ posters, write descriptions, recount battles, write diary entries and letters and write their own ending to the story before writing their very own Anglo-Saxon flashback story.

Author of the Term: This term we will continue to learn about David Walliams and read some of his books. Sycamore and Holly class are both reading ‘Demon Dentist’.


Please see our Term 2 Topic Web for more information here: Term 2 topic web. Key information about homework, PE etc is on the right in the key information section. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or stop me for a chat in the playground.

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