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What have School Council been up to?

What have our School Council been up to?

Visit to Colstons... At the beginning of term 6, School Council members from year 5 and 6 were invited to visit Colstons School Council to find out about each others' schools. We discussed some of the differences between our schools at our last council meeting, and decided that although they have some really good equipment and resources, we are really lucky to have our own green space to play on and use for PE lessons. We are hoping to work together with them to improve both of our schools in the future by sharing ideas.

Classroom Cooks! Graham from Eden foodservice came to work with school council members to develop a new healthy recipe for the Autumn menu. We decided to make a dessert which used seasonal fruit, and after discussing with our own classes and voting, chose plums. Graham then tested out the two different recipe ideas we had, after which the council members decided on Glenfrome Plum Duff. It is based on a traditional fruit pudding, with a mixture of fruit, but mostly plum. The recipe contains 50% fruit as we want to enscourage healthy food choices. The most exciting thing will be seeing it on the menu, and of course having it to eat in late September! It will be on menus that go to schools all over Bristol!

During the break at the end of term 4, the climbing frame which we had worked hard to get on our field was finally put up. It's fantastic! We're really pleased to have an extra playtime activity, which all of us can use because we created a rota to make sure everyone gets a turn if they want to use it. Classes have also been able to use it as a treat for having worked really hard on their learning in class.


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