Help your child with mathematics

Try to make mathematics at home as much fun as possible - games, puzzles and jigsaws are a great way to start. It's also important to show how we use mathematics skills in our everyday lives and to involve your child in this.

For some ideas how you can help your child with mathematics, click here. This will provide you with a list of recommended websites for your child to practise on.

Identifying problems and solving them can also help your child develop mathematics skills. If you see him or her puzzling over something, talk about the problem and try to work out the solution together. Don't shy away from mathematics if you didn't like it at school. Try to find new ways to enjoy the subject with your child.

Tips for helping your child to enjoy mathematics

  • Point out the different shapes to be found around your home.

  • Take your child shopping and talk about the quantities of anything you buy.

  • Let your child handle money and work out how much things cost.

  • Look together for numbers on street signs and car registration plates

  • Sing multiplication tables up to 12 x 12

  • Test each other on different ways to add or subtract to reach any number up to 20

  • Get cooking! Using scales and a cook book to measure ingredients for a cake are great maths skills.

Teaching children maths has changed since we were at school, we teach children to try calculations mentally before using written methods where possible and encourage children to 'have a go' and make mistakes. This will be the only way children learn. Where possible, when supporting your child, try to follow the methods shown in the revised policies. If you are not sure, ask your son or daughter! Children are always happy to show off the skills they have acquired, especially if that means teaching an adult!

The methods that we use in school may or may not be familiar to you. Children are often confused when they ask parents/carers for help at home and they try to teach the methods that they themselves were taught.

Things to watch out for that may be different...

When multiplying by 10 you do not just 'add zero' - you 'move the digits to the left and add a zero as a place holder'

The decimal point cannot move - You can only move the digits to the left or to the right

We do not do 'sums' – 'sum' is a mathematical word that means 'addition', everything else is a 'calculation'

Most importantly, have a go!

Glenfrome Calculation policy.pdf Please click here to see our calculation policy.

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