At Glenfrome, music and the arts are important. The teaching of music is progressively built upon throughout the school year, with children working from the Bristol Plays Music programme. The children will learn about Pitch, Duration, Dynamics, Tempo, Timbre, Texture, and Structure. They will learn songs, rhythm patterns and listen to various pieces of music in a fun and innovative way.

As well as this there is an element of children composing their own music using instruments. We are looking to enhance our music provison by using digital media in the near future.

In Year 4 both classes will be learning to play the Ukulele for ten weeks and the Year 5 classes will be learning to play Steel drums. Additionally, we offer guitar, drumming, recorder and violin lessons to individuals.

During weekly music assemblies, the children will learn about composers (from Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven to modern composers such as Zimmer and Einaudi); they will learn the names of instruments and be able to identify them from their sounds; as well as listening to and appraising a variety of music (such as Jazz, Pop and Motown to name a few). They will also learn whole school songs for pleasure during these assemblies, reflecting on the message and style. Some of these songs are then chosen for the whole school to sing at the summer concert.

Musical events

At Glenfrome, we celebrate events with music, last year we had:

Christmas carol singing at the local Tesco,

A Christmas carol concert for the community and parents,

A Glenfrome summer music concert,

Various performances throughout the year to showcase learning from African drumming, ukulele, guitar and choir.


If you have any questions about Music at Glenfrome or would like to get involved please contact Mrs Caldwell

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