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Glenfrome produce three newsletters each acedemic year which highlight the importance of attendance. The newsletter also contains vital information for parent/carers regarding school absences and attendance expectations. Please take time to read through this information. If you have any further attendance questions please call Claire Johnson - Learning Mentor & attendance officer on 0117 3772247.

We expect children to be in class and ready to learn at 8.55am, so that they don't miss out on any learning.

The school gates open from 8.40am and close at 9am sharp to ensure Glenfrome Primary School is a safe place for children.

Remember, even a few minutes lost at the beginning of every day adds up to a lot of teaching time that none of our children can afford to lose as we have so much learning to pack into a day! Having enough time to settle into class is key to starting the day successfully.

It is not acceptable for your child to miss school for birthdays or personal visits/outings. Even appointments such as the dentist and doctors should be made outside of the school day wherever possible.

Changes to the 2006 regulations regarding school attendance removed references to family holiday and extended leave. The amendments make it clear that head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Consequences of being absent and late

Frequent unauthorised absence or lateness could result in a fine or prosecution. By law every school has to register pupils twice a day: first thing in the morning at the start of the school day, and again for the afternoon session. If a pupil fails to attend or arrives late they can be marked as absent for that session.

Request for leave of absence

The law as dictated by the Department for Education does not give any entitlement to parents or carers to request a leave of absence during term time. Any applications, for leave of any type, must only be for exceptional circumstances and the Head teacher must be satisfied that the circumstances warrant the granting of leave. Holidays will never qualify. Leave of absence will not be granted for the first two weeks of the school year or during SATs week in May.

Each application will be assessed on an individual basis, considering both the impact missing school will have on your child’s education and any circumstances of which you make us aware. Appropriate evidence such as a medical certificate may be requested. School will consider the explanation for the request for leave of absence and take into account:-

-          Reason for request

-          The pupil’s absences/ attendance record and absence patterns

-          The length of the proposed leave

-          The pupil’s ability to catch up the work missed

-          The pupil’s educational needs

-          The general welfare of the pupil

School Attendance: What Parents & Carers need to know.

Click here to view What Parents & Carer need to know:

Education Welfare Service

Please be advised:

Where a child is absence from school for 10 days or more and no contact has been made by the parents to confirm the reason and expected date of return (including where children have been granted leave for exceptional circumstances and have failed to return on the agreed date) the school will consider them missing. The school will be referred to the Educational Welfare Service and commence a pupil Tracker.

If parents decide to take their children on holiday during term-time the school will refer this unauthorised holiday to the Educational Welfare Service and a Penalty Notice may be issued. Please note that such a Penalty is issued by Bristol City Council to each parent for each child taken out of school. A Penalty Notice is a fine of £60 which increases to £120 if not paid within the first 28 days. Thereafter, if the Penalty remains unpaid, this may result in legal action.

Being on time

• Shows a pupil is ready and willing to work. We have so much learning to pack into a day.
• Helps to develop a sense of responsibility.
• Forms good habits, crucial for future working life.
• Means that we know your child has arrived safely at school.
• Going to school every day will help your child to make friends, have lots of fun, and take part in exciting activities.

 Our top tips

• Consider how long it takes to get to school if the weather is poor or if there are road works. Leave plenty of time to get to school before 8.55am.

• If you struggle to get your child to school on time each day, ask a responsible adult who you trust and can rely on, to take your child to school for you.

• Have a regular routine for the start of each day.

• Help your child get their clothes and equipment ready, before they go to bed. This includes any extra equipment needed for the day ahead e.g. Forest school clothing/packed lunch.

• Set a reasonable bed time to make sure they get enough sleep. Primary school aged children on average need around 10-12 hours sleep.

• Give your child a healthy breakfast e.g. toast, fruit or cereal.

• Get your child to school on time and give them a good start to the day.

Breakfast club

At Glenfrome Primary school we offer a fantastic breakfast club. Available to all children 8am – 8.40am daily at a cost of 50p. There is no need to book in advance.
If lateness is a cause for concern please consider this fantastic provision as a possible solution for you.

End of the school day

At the end of the school day the gates open at 3.10pm for you to collect children at 3.15pm. If you are late collecting your child after school, they will now be waiting ON THE PLAYGROUND supervised by school staff.

If a child is late into school or being collected please be aware that this costs the school in both time and money, ensuring children are supervised and school records are completed accordingly. For example current morning lateness consumes over two hours of staff time. This time, money and resources, I'm sure you'll agree, can be better spent.

If lateness is a problem and you need some advice please do not hesitate to call us here at Glenfrome Primary School, and ask to speak with Mrs Johnson or Mrs Hinchey who can offer support and advice.

Your child's access to education and their safety is of great importance to us. Let's work together to make persistent lateness a thing of the past.

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