At Glenfrome Primary School, phonics is taught in phases mapped out on our overview which follows the Letters and Sounds programme. This promotes a strong and systematic emphasis on the teaching of synthetic phonics to aid the teaching and learning of reading and spelling.

As part of this scheme the children will be taught to:

  • discriminate between different sounds in words;

  • learn the letters and letter combinations most commonly used to spell sounds;

  • read words by sounding out and blending their separate parts;

  • study written representatives of a sound and how it looks;

  • segment the sounds in words to spell;

  • recognise on sight vocabulary identified as ‘tricky words’;

  • read high frequency words and decodable words by applying their phonic knowledge.

  • children that are new to the school and have gaps identified will be assessed and catch up will be provided

During the summer term, a date is chosen to complete the national phonics screening.  Every child in Year 1 will be asked to work with a familiar adult to look through 40 words and read them using their phonic decoding skills.  We will then report each child’s results in your end of year report in July.  If a child does not manage to reach the pass mark they will have the opportunity to resit the phonics screening at the same time in Year 2. Phonics catch up groups will be in place for any child who needs further phonics teaching after Year 1.

For more information please read the documents below.

Phonics Policy

Phonics Overview



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