Our core aim is for children to write with enjoyment and confidence knowing that they have the skills to have a go, and know what to do if they get stuck!

At Glenfrome Primary School the study of English develops children’s ability to listen, speak and write for a wide range of purposes with consideration for the audience, including the communication of their ideas, views and feelings by writing to discuss, entertain, inform and persuade. Children are enabled to express themselves creatively and imaginatively as they become enthusiastic and critical readers and authors. Children gain understanding of how language works by looking at its patterns, structures and origins. Children use their knowledge, skills and understanding in speaking, reading and writing for a range of different purposes and audiences.

Foundation Stage

In the Foundation Stage communication and language development are incorporated in all areas of learning. Opportunities are provided for children to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings. Purposeful role-play is used to develop language and imagination. Children are given opportunities to share and enjoy a wide range of rhymes, songs, poetry and books. An environment is provided which reflects the importance of language through signs, notices and books. As soon as children start school we encourage them to write - this may be mark making initially but we value and celebrate all forms of writing. Children are provided with opportunities to see adults writing and they complete weekly writing tasks themselves, which supports them to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Children receive daily phonic sessions to further support the development.

KS1 and KS2

All teachers plan units of work with a clear audience and purpose for writing. Key stimuli (a book, art work, etc.) are used to either inspire or lead the unit of work. Each unit is based upon three phases. The first phase enables children to become immersed in the stimulus, whilst learning key grammatical skills and exploring and comparing text features. The second phase provides an opportunity for children to have a go at writing in a given style for a specific audience and purpose. The final stage provides opportunities for children to apply their knowledge for a different audience and purpose; and to revisit previously taught genres/features as part of our mastery approach to learning.


Children have daily spelling sessions with follow up activities. They are given spellings to learn based on the rule that they are currently learning in spelling sessions and they also pick two words from their personal spelling lists to learn at home alongside these - these are often common exception words or words that are repeatedly misspelt.   In Key Stage 1, children have a daily phonics lesson where they learn to write the sound that they have learned.

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